Zero-Beat EyeBall Get Together,
the next near-perfect Amateur Radio Event !

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01 The Event

To have a smooth QSO, we need to "zero-beat". So obviously "Zero-Beat" is the apt name for a near-perfect eyeball QSO gathering ! As already proven, to have a real eye-ball with someone, we need "Zero-Beat". So with great pleasure, we announce the 2nd edition of "Zero-Beat".

02 The Date & Timings

The event Zero-Beat is scheduled to be held on Sunday 25th February 2024, a convenient day suited for eyeball QSOs !

The event is scheduled so as to make it convenient for those from outside Kochi also to participate. It starts at 10:00AM and ends at 4:00PM. There will be a lunch break of 1 hour in between. Of course, subject to change, if the participants ask for it !

03 The Location & Venue

The venue is within a 10-acre sprawling campus of Santhigiri Ashram, a Meditation and Retreat Centre in Edathala (8 kms from Aluva and 18 kms from Ernakulam/Cochin) where we could test operate remote controlling, portable and mobile stations, etc. in the campus itself.

Location Map is here .

These are some pictures of the location/venue ...

04 The Station

The station with the callsign AU24ZGT will be QRV from the event venue. Depending upon the subjects chosen for the sessions, we will be looking into the possibility of live demos during the sessions.

05 The Sessions

Throughout the event, we have planned numerous sessions covering diverse topics. All these sessions are aimed at effective interaction among the participants. As preparations progress, we will keep you updated with detailed information.

BTW, we have set aside a few short sessions for those interested in speaking at the event — please notify us if you'd like to participate.

Be assured that you will be engaged throughout the program.

If sufficient persons are present on the previous day, we may even organise a campfire program on the evening of 24th February 2024.

06 Exhibits & Flea Market

Fortunately, this time, we have plenty of space in our venue for various exhibits. If you have any item that you wish to show-case to the participants, or you want to dispose off at the venue (give-away or otherwise), please inform us in advance and bring them along. (Of course, only ham radio related items.)

We can allot you a table and route the site traffic appropriately to ensure that everybody else see your items. Needless to say, such exhibits certainly do motivate people !

07 Registration

Admission to the event is facilitated by a registration process. Registration will be open on 27th January 2024 through 15th February 2024. To register, please follow this link HERE.

08 Delegate Fee

The Delegate Fee covers your share of the organising expenses and food. It is fixed at the minimum level possible @ Rs 750 per person. This early bird rate will end on Friday, 9th February 2024. Thereafter, the Delegate Fee will be Rs 850 per person until closing on Thursday, 15th February 2024.

We plan and work on an expenses sharing basis. In all our previous events, we have refunded the surplus to all our participants. And this event also we plan to continue the same policy.

09 Accommodation (& Food)

Delegate Fee includes Coffee/Tea and snacks on arrival, Vegetarian/Non-vegetarian NetWorking Lunch and Coffee/Tea and snacks before closing.

Attendees from out-of-town can take advantage of affordable in-house accommodation (on twin-sharing basis) and food. It will cost Rs 1130 per person (includes 24th Dinner and 25th BF) for a night. Please book early if you wish to avail this facility.

If sufficient persons are present, we may even organise a campfire program on the evening of 24th February 2024.

10 The Organisers & Recurrence

The event is organised by a few old timers with good experience in conducting such events - VU2QKZ Gopal, VU3BWB Jaycee, VU2JIM Joseph, VU2MMA Mathew, VU2DRL Mukund and VU2ARL James. They are ably assisted by VU2MV Venu, VU2JCD Jacob, VU2RDN Ravi and VU2PAG Alex. Therefore you can be rest assured of having an excellent and cherishable event.

As promised last year, we are now presenting you with the 2nd edition of this event. Your participation will encourage and enable us to conduct this gathering in the coming years too and make it a regular platform for radio amateurs to meet in person and rag chew.

We welcome you all to this event. Thank You !

If you wish to interact on this, please go HERE

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