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Save the Date !

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    Reply 1 posted at: 13 Aug 2023 22:55 hrs UTC,
  by Joseph Mattappally VU2JIM
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Even in the late 80s in which home brewing was at its zenith, a Field day was limited to eye balls, a few QSOs, event QSL cards, some experiments on how fast a station can be set up or a study on varying ionospheric conditions followed by a sumptuous group meal. In my experience, those two or three hours were never enough to meet any of the objectives it was called for. Actually this was the reason, why we joined together for a two days residential programme in 1991. We called it Hamfest and it was a success. Now it has assumed another shape and has grown into an annual get together of all Amateur Radio hobbyists in India.

So we need a modified version of the old dream. Every field day requires at least an whole day, with minimum seven hours. Thats where I appreciate James Kalassery VU2ARL and his dream of a Field Day, designed for the masters. I mean, designed exclusively for serious Amateurs intending to work together to take Amateur Radio in the right direction or into another higher level. The first in the series held at Ernakulam was a grand success. Every participant enjoyed it to the last puff.

Now, I understand that team Zero Beat is planning a two days event. For sure, it would be a strange experience, at least for Keralites. The menu is heard to be both entertaining and enriching for all participants. That was what I understood from the way the first ZB get together was organised.
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    Posted at: 06 Aug 2023 00:07 hrs UTC,
  by James Kalassery VU2ARL
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Dear friends,

At the time of concluding our Zero-Beat Get-Together on 19th February 2023, we had mentioned that we will have one more event during the year, in the form of a Field Day. Well, we are almost there !

The tentative dates chosen are Saturday, 30th September to 2nd October, spanning a 48 hours time frame. It will be a residential program which includes accommodation (sharing, in double-rooms) and food (veg and non-veg). Starting with lunch on Saturday, 30th Sep and ending with lunch on Monday, 2nd Oct. The idea is to stay together for this much of time to do a lot of things related to amateur radio, individually and collectively.

Actually, a Field Day is a Simulated Emergency Training program, aimed at providing the necessary knowledge and experience in getting ready to operate in a short while in an emergency situation, with available resources. That is what we also are aiming at - a lot of practicals on software / hardware / antennae among other things - to the extent possible.

Full details will be published here shortly. In the meanwhile, if you want to write a quick and short note about your concept of a Field Day AND what you expect to happen on a Field Day, that will be great.

Save the Dates and get ready !

73 and thanks,

James VU2ARL
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